Wilder Wheelock

mid-century modern (a work in progress)

I’m a huge fan of modern architecture, so when the opportunity came to work with this home in Burlington I jumped. The circa-1958 home was misunderstood by a previous owner, who had added false roof lines and other accessories in an attempt to make the house more conventional. The current owners have been working to restore the home to its former glory.

The house is an expression of a simple geometric shape, a rectangular box, with voids and hollowed volumes within. Inside, these voids translate into skillfully crafted living space, with copious natural light, maximum views-and-nature, and minimum street-and-neighbors.

In modern architecture, the boundaries between building and site are often blurred. In approaching a landscape design for this home I felt I should respect the history and completeness of the original design. Drawing inspiration from the simple shape of the house, I created a composition of cylindrical forms, which provide a counterpoint to the right angles. This creates a landscape element which is decidedly of-architecture, but not part of the home’s architectural DNA.

868 Colchester Pond Road, Colchester, VT   |    802.355.2686    |    wilderwheelock@hotmail.com