Wilder Wheelock

marble island residence

carport pavers & cobbles    |    lakeside patio    |    curvilinear retaining walls   |   stone stairs   |  stone number plaque

Carport Pavers & Cobbles 

The clients wanted a surface for their carport that was distinct from the mundane asphalt of the driveway. The pavers used here were chosen for their durability. At three inches thick, they will have no trouble holding up under the weight of cars.

The black granite cobbles lend the timeless beauty of real stone to the composition. Bordering the carport and extending the length of the driveway, they unify the various features of the landscape into a common theme.

Timber framing by Tim Cooke and Bauheim Builders

Lakeside Patio

The clean lines and luxurious surfaces of this lakeside patio were realized despite the goat-path down which the materials traveled, the steep bank on which it was built, and the septic system underfoot. Much of the work was done with wheelbarrow and shovel -- challenges that made the results more rewarding.

The increased batter (the degree to which the wall leans into the bank) of the wall block gives it an extra sturdiness that is also pleasing to the eye. The Travertine surface of the patio is soft on bare feet and remains cool in the sun. Built-in lighting makes the steps safer at night.

The steps and landing provided a base for the outdoor shower, just a few steps away from the hot tub.

Plantings by Champlain Landworks. Carpentry by Bauheim Builders.

Curvilinear Retaining Walls

The blocks used in these walls were salvaged from the landscape of the original house that was on this site. Re-usability is a wonderful advantage of this type of material. Some new block was used and had to be power-chiseled to match the old.

Great care was taken to preserve the mature trees above the walls. Riverstones dress the bank behind the walls and protect the walls’ drainage system from silt.

Stone Stairway

This stone stairway provides an alternate route from the guest house to the main house. It was inspired by the hiking trails on Mount Mansfield. Great care was taken to make it part of the landscape, and not the architecture. 

The flat stones were personally selected from a farmer’s quarry in Westford, Vermont. The slope was too steep for equipment. All stones were rolled up from the bottom, or down from the top.

Stone Number Plaque

This flat stone with an intact bore hole was set aside from a larger project to be used for something fun. It was sent to a stone carver where the house number was inscribed. Inspired by methods of displaying dinner plates, I fabricated a stand to display the stone. It stands at the beginning of the driveway to let visitors know they have arrived.

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