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What is Design/Build?

Design/build firms vary in their offerings and their methods of execution. What makes one firm differ from another usually has something to do with the proportion of design to build. You may have architects who also serve as general contractors, or, as in my case, builders who design what they build. I think this ratio is less important than the results the firms obtain, the cost at which they obtain them, and client’s overall satisfaction.

I approach design/build as a craftsperson truly interested in what I build, whether it is stone, steel, or wood. I can only complete so many projects in my lifetime, so it is important that they are ones in which I am fully engaged.

My designs may be in the form of fully rendered CAD drawings, simple sketches, or the fruit of a good discussion with the client. As long as it is informed and deliberate, work may begin. I am interested in seeing my projects come to life. I wouldn’t want to use precious budget dollars on grand plans only to lack the funds to implement them. I get my best ideas as I become familiar with the site and client’s needs. I usually start by editing the composition. This is low-cost and helps achieve clarity and gives me time to get acquainted with client and site. As the constraints and client's needs are mapped out and weighed, the design will usually shape itself. The best solution is usually the one that satisfies the most requirements with only a few bold brushstrokes.

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